K9 警犬担心芬太尼阿片类药物过量

我们如何保护警用 K9 犬免于芬太尼死亡?

有太多关于警察意外接触有害物质的新闻报道,包括合成阿片类药物 比如卡芬太尼和芬太尼。 

现在执法领域还有另一个问题。 当您的侦探工作涉及嗅探时,这些药物可能会更加危险。

我们如何保护 K9 警用工作犬免受芬太尼类阿片类药物过量?

有报道说 K9 服务犬 协助联邦缉毒行动显示出药物过量的症状。 犬类拒绝喝水并且昏昏欲睡。 就像人类警官在意外吸入暴露的芬太尼或其他物质后需要住院一样,警犬——主要通过嗅探来完成工作——也会遇到同样的危险。 

100 多年来,工作犬一直与警察一起进行毒品检测,过去几乎没有证据表明在执行任务时吸入化合物会产生毒性。 但现在情况变得更糟了,因为街上有两种药物芬太尼和卡芬太尼,它们比海洛因强得多。


芬太尼的效力是海洛因的 30 到 50 倍——如此致命,以至于吸入几粒谷物就会导致过量服用。 当嗅探是 K9 警犬的主要侦探工作模式时,这可能是一个问题。 由于如此少量可能是有害的,因此处理者或该地区的任何人可能不会看到威胁,直到为时已晚。

Fully trained police dogs are worth around $30,000 each, and police departments are looking for ways to protect these canine officers on the job. Colorado is equipping all its police canine teams with Narcan, the overdose-reversal drug. Police in Canada are training dogs on liquid, rather than powder, fentanyl to minimize the risk of exposure during training. Maryland state police also carry Narcan for their dogs and are trained to look for “excessive drooling and severe limping” as symptoms of overdose.

K9 狗用面罩空气过滤器可防止芬太尼过量

芬太尼有毒, so strong that a very small amount, you cannot even see, can affect a dog. At animal hospitals staffers who examine dogs are realizing that they are dealing with classic opioid overdoses and that speed of care is critical. Usually when a person dies of an opioid overdose, they stop breathing. This is the same with animals.

现在,警察在犯罪现场测试任何可能含有芬太尼的粉末时,都戴着呼吸器、防尘口罩、乳胶手套和长袖衬衫。 但是,K9 警犬能做些什么来保护自己呢?

帮助 K9 警犬找到使用芬太尼等阿片类药物的解决方案

Dogs are susceptible to inhaling the grains of fentanyl drugs into their respiratory system as the most harmful way to introduce the drug into a dog's system. They might also absorb it through the pads of their feet or get it on their fur and later ingest the drug into their system through licking. All these methods of transmission are a risk to a dog for overdosing on fentanyl.

K9 Mask® 警犬解决方案

K9 Mask® dog air filters are one way working dogs can be protected from opioid inhalation, especially fentanyl. Using an air filter on a K9 police working dog will have a variety of effects on a dog's ability to smell various elements but provide protection from potential harmful opioids in the field.

K9 Mask® 空气过滤器已通过美国肯塔基州路易斯维尔的 Blue Heaven Technologies 认证,通过 ISO 16890 空气过滤器测试,适用于极限呼吸 (XTRM) 和清洁呼吸 (CLN) 空气过滤器。 

这是这两款 K9 Mask® 空气过滤器的测试结果摘要:

Extreme Breathe XTRM N95 活性炭空气过滤器

颗粒大小(以微米为单位的 PM) 初始效率 % 放电效率 %
0.3-0.4 99% 42%
0.4-0.55 99% 53%
0.55-0.7 99% 63%
0.7-1.0 99% 73%
1.0-1.3 99% 84%
1.3-1.6 100% 90%
1.6-2.0 100% 95%
2.0-3.0 100% 99%
3.0-4.0 100% 100%
4.0-5.5 100% 100%
5.5-7.0 100% 100%
7.0-10.0 100% 100%

Clean Breath PM10+ 活性炭空气过滤器

颗粒大小(以微米为单位的 PM) 初始效率 % 放电效率 %
0.3-0.4 1% 2%
0.4-0.55 2% 2%
0.55-0.7 2% 3%
0.7-1.0 3% 3%
1.0-1.3 4% 3%
1.3-1.6 5% 5%
1.6-2.0 7% 7%
2.0-3.0 12% 12%
3.0-4.0 23% 22%
4.0-5.5 41% 40%
5.5-7.0 61% 59%
7.0-10.0 74% 69%

用于狗的 K9 面罩空气过滤器可防止警用工作犬的阿片类药物和芬太尼药物过量

With all the hazards of opioid exposure, there has been one positive development regarding the emergency treatment of police dogs: Legislatures across the country have started taking notice of the necessity of emergency treatment for working dogs. Starting with Colorado in 2014, three other states (Ohio, New York, and Illinois) have made it legal for EMS to treat dogs and/or transport them in emergency situations. 

We anticipate further advances in transport and treatment for working dogs exposed to opioids or injured in the line of duty. It is about taking care of both the handlers and their K9 partners in a health crisis. 

K9 面罩药物空气过滤器可保护警犬免受药物阿片类药物过量